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Kemba Walker must have shaken Michael Jordan’s hand for too long

Kemba Walker must have shaken Michael Jordan’s hand for too long
Kemba Walker must have shaken Michael Jordan’s hand for too long

The Hornets have reportedly placed Kemba Walker on the trading block, leaving a team who was projected to make the playoffs trying to unload their best player midway through the season. For a team trying to cultivate an identity and make an impact in the unstable East, this decision looks more horrendous to the naked eye than Dwight Howard’s free throw percentage.

An injury to $120 million dollar man Nicolas Batum before the season even started put them in a tough spot, and add an injury to a Zeller without a Plumlee to step into the fold and the Hornets were destined to struggle. Not to mention head coach Steve Clifford missing 21 games due to migraines that we can assume were caused by Dwight Howard’s right elbow motion at the foul line, but to give up on the season this early? That’s an anti-Michael Jordan philosophy, an embarrassment that extends out to the Looney Tunes franchise.

Maybe the Hornets are looking at the impossibly top-heavy NBA and would rather start a mini-rebuild, but it doesn’t help that Bugs Bunny face-guarded by Elmer Fudd would be a more effective offensive player than lottery pick Malik Monk. Their team has the versatility and depth to compete in the East and, given the number of untradeable contracts they possess to actually put together an effective rebuild , this leaves one viable possibility:

Kemba rubbed Michael the wrong way more than the producers of Space Jam did respectable basketball fans by including Shawn Bradley.

Perhaps he gripped his hand too forcefully for too long after Mike reluctantly showed face during shootaround, or quite possibly he let a pair of Adidas fall out of his bag as he hastily moved out of the way for His Airness as he was escorted by a force of guards with the Jordan Brand logo tattooed on their foreheads.

Outside of Kemba not wanting the distraction of Cam Newton wearing a purple hat courtside and demanding a trade, the Hornets would be fools for trading him for anything less than a top three pick and a team willing to take on their awful uniforms like a bad contract.

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