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LeBron drafts best player in the NBA

LeBron drafts best player in the NBA
LeBron drafts best player in the NBA

I’m only joshing, but LeBron drafting the best player on the Warriors while the other three toil away hopelessly in a double-digit loss will make the All-Star Game much more enjoyable for me.

The NBA not releasing the rounds in the draft recap is criminal. LeBron ended up with Kyrie, which I already have my conspiratable doubts about, but if he did make this pick of his own volition and not while Adam Silver whispered in his ear and massaged his shoulders, I need to know what round Kyrie had his heart broken in.

I really hope Steph dropped him off his board in an attempt to poison LeBron’s roster. What, isn’t the ASG supposed to be fun?!?

At this point we can assume Steph drafted Draymond first to serve as assistant GM. Dray would no doubt draft Damian Lillard ten times over in order to create a disturbance in the force. No disrespect to Dame, it’s just that Kyrie sacrificed his basic sense and intellect in order to fill his head with more basketball play-making ability.

Team LeBron 148, Team Curry 124

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