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Tyronn Lue does some tinkering

Tyronn Lue does some tinkering
Tyronn Lue does some tinkering

Coach Lue has made a move that some would say is overdue much like a Khloe Kardashian celebrity app and inserted Tristan Thompson back into the starting lineup.

It’s almost as if all but calling Kevin Love a god-awful defender out loud to the media made him see the light more clearly than the ballhandler against Kevin Love in a PnR. He’s adding size and a player in Tristan Thompson who might not be able to shoot any worse than Jae Crowder right now. Playing alongside Jeff Green and Derrick Rose might actually make Jae want to live in the woods in isolation.

There’s still the J.R. Smith-can’t-shoot problem, or as I like to call it “wishing Kyrie was still here syndrome,” along with Derrick Rose having a higher chance of literally disappearing than Kevin Love guarding Steph on the perimeter. If Kyle Korver is known for two things it’s shooting and looking like Ashton Kutcher, and now his role to the Cavs’ offense is becoming more important than Kelso’s tomfoolery for Hyde’s one-liners.

This absolutely means the Pelicans should try to trade Rondo for Crowder, by the way. Rekindle the magic that the Mavericks so negligently summoned and keep Boogie, because I want to believe the Pels’ mediocrity is being caused by their incestual Kentucky-heavy roster, weighed down by Rajon’s edge and headband collection.

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